Report: 68% of Organizations Feel More Confident in PPC Than a Year Ago

Marketers are continuing to implement pay-per-click tactics into their strategies, and new research shows that organizations are feeling better about the PPC market as a whole.

The annual “State of PPC” report from Hanapin Marketing has found that 68 percent of marketers feel more confident in the PPC market than they did last year. Additionally, 83 percent rate their 2016 success in the PPC market as “good.”

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Compared to last year, 60 percent of advertisers are spending more in mobile, social, text ads, and remarketing. More than a quarter of respondents (27 percent) admit they are spending “significantly” more on social advertising in 2016.

In the next 12 months, brands and agencies intend to boost their budgets for several digital marketing tactics. About 75 percent plan to spend more next year on AdWords, while 73 percent intend to increase their investment in mobile. Sixty-nine percent stated that they will raise their budget for Facebook initiatives.

2016 vs. 2015 PPC Advertising Investments

Last year, Hanapin Marketing published the “State of PPC” report, depicting how organizations viewed their PPC success through 2015. At the time, 78 percent said they felt “good” about their PPC success. This is five percentage points less than the 83 percent who said the same in this year’s report, marking an increase for 2016.

About 74 percent claimed that they would increase their AdWords budget in the coming months, which is on-par with the percentage in this year’s report. However, 75 percent stated that they intended to boost their mobile budget. In the most recent report, slightly less (73 percent) said their mobile budgets were going to rise in the next 12 months.

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