74% of Small Businesses Use Content Marketing to Boost SEO

Format of content marketing distributionAccording to a survey from BusinessBolts.com, 74% of small businesses are using content marketing to grow and promote their business. The majority of small businesses are reportedly attempting to develop content that will boost SEO and social media initiatives without any additional advertising costs.

The survey revealed that marketers have seen significant benefits through content creation, even with minimal effort; 45% of survey respondents also claimed using content marketing has helped lower advertising expenditures. Small businesses reported that the most widely used forms of content marketing include articles (74%), blog posts (64%), and social media (49%). Content creation formats like articles and blogs engage potential prospects and drive traffic without a high expense, reported BusinessBolts.com.

According to BusinessBolts.com, “The number-one question marketers want answered is how to use content marketing to gain the most SEO benefit. They want high rankings in the search engines for their content.” BusinessBolts.com reports, in addition to figuring out which forms of content marketing will give their company the best SEO benefit, small businesses are also trying to determine how to most effectively use keywords in content creation.

More small businesses are expected to integrate content marketing into their business initiatives in 2013 and those that already use content marketing plan to increase their efforts, according to the survey. The growing number of marketers pushing out content should compel small businesses to determine the best strategies and formats of content distribution to grow and promote their brand.

Photo courtesy of BusinessBolts.com

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