78% of Marketers Now Deliver a Personalized Customer Experience via Email Using Data and Analytics

Data and analytics continue to be beneficial to marketers who are looking to personalize the customer experience, according to new research. Furthermore, email remains a critical channel for marketers attempting to reach out to prospects and customers.

Merkle recently published the “Customer Engagement Report,” and most marketers (78%) said that they deliver a personalized customer experience via email utilizing customer data. In addition, 68% stated that they identify email as the highest priority customer data types to acquire. This gives them an opportunity to reach out to customers and prospects on an individual basis.


The majority of marketers (32%) said that if they had extra marketing budget, they would first invest it in data, analytics and tech, highlighting the value of this information.

Reaping the Benefits of Data and Analytics

While data and analytics can help marketers deliver a more personalized customer experience, previous research indicates that it isn’t always easy to access.

Arm Treasure Data released the “State of the Customer Journey” report, and statistics indicated that silos, in particular, are hurting marketers looking to leverage data. About 47% of marketers claimed that their information is siloed and difficult to access. In addition to making it difficult to deliver personalized customer experiences, it is skewing the view of the customer journey.

The customer journey, overall, is becoming more complicated as well. For instance, 61% of customers said that they typically engage with a brand three or more times before making a final purchase. Just 28% of marketers use a multi-touch attribution strategy to create an accurate customer journey map.

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