85% of Marketers Seeing Positive ROI From Video Marketing Efforts

Nearly 85 percent of marketers have seen a positive ROI from their video marketing efforts, according to a new study by Firebrand Group.

That’s good news as more companies look to expand their video marketing efforts and the appetite for video, mobile video in particular, is increasing among internet users.


In terms of how marketers are using video, the vast majority (90 percent) are using it for brand awareness, while 56 percent are using it to drive conversions, 43 percent to support sales objectives, 42 percent for customer loyalty and 16 percent are using it for customer service efforts.

According to the survey, Facebook is the platform of choice for video marketers; it has the greatest return on investment for 80 percent of study participants. YouTube and Twitter were distant second and third choices with 10 and 5 percent, respectively.roi-by-platform

“Video produces a much more pronounced emotional reaction from viewers, and can endear your company to the audience in a very profound way,” wrote the authors of the study.

Marketers are bullish on video and are preparing teams and budgets for video production. About 70 percent say they are “ready” or “somewhat ready” to make the budget investment in video production, while 62 percent say they are “ready” or “somewhat ready” in terms of manpower.


The data shows promoted video on social media is a part of video marketing strategies for 68 percent of marketers. However, only 32 percent are employing it on a daily or monthly basis; others are using it infrequently, every few months or on an annual basis.

Video is the Most Thoroughly Consumed Form of Content Marketing

A June 2016 HubSpot survey revealed video to be the most favored form of content by customers and prospects. As marketers continue to diversify their digital efforts, the data showed videos are the most thoroughly consumed form of content (55 percent), followed by social media posts (52 percent), news articles (49 percent) and research content (47 percent).

Nearly half (45 percent) of the respondents said they would like to see more social media content in the future. Videos took third place, with 43 percent of the vote.

  • Brian DCruz

    This whole article does not cover direct video marketing campaigns and direct video marketing products, that have produced some of the most credible returns of investment as the video content arrives in a personal mailer and has the most engagement time with the customer.

  • Nice stats and article. Using video in the sales cycle is a fantastic way to increase sales rep effectiveness and boost sales. We help insurance agents do this.. but it would be useful in every industry. Why send long text proposals or explanation of benefits, when you can use video !

  • Peter Toomey

    A client uses monthly video messages, shown upon check-in, for quality assurance training. I replaced the former division-manager-talking-head with a film-noir detective, delivering all the same points, but in a storytelling, interview style. Two weeks after our first message ran, crew and I appeared at client’s plant to film next month’s. As I opened the door, a technician (the TARGET of the training) called me “Joe Sarko”, asked for a picture with me, paused and said “But first, where’s your little green notebook?” He knew the character’s name, the bit (writing constantly in the notebook), and even the prop! Highly effective.

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