89% of Marketers Say Martech is Enabling More Omni-Channel Experiences

As marketers look to resonate with their target audience through providing better a customer experience, new research shows that marketing technology (martech) is helping them lead the way.

Merkle recently published its “Customer Engagement Report” for the third quarter of 2020, and statistics showed that according to 89% of marketers, martech is enabling more omni-channel experiences. In addition, 88% say that their most recent technology purchase met their needs, suggesting that most marketers have a “positive view” of their recent martech integration, according to the authors of the report.

In general, most marketers (69%) say they have invested in martech to accelerate digital transformation. About 67% said they have done so to modernize their technology, while 61% have adopted martech to improve their overall efficiency with less resources/staff. Only 1% of respondents said they were not currently investing in martech.

The Growing Investment in Martech

Although marketers’ growing investment in martech may come as a surprise to some, previous research suggested that this would become mainstream over the course of the next year.

TOPO released its “Marketing Technology Report,” and data indicated that the majority of marketers (27%) intended to increase their investment in martech by at least 21% over the course of the next 12 months. Nearly 26% said that they would boost their investment by between 11% and 20%, while 16% of respondents said they would do so by between 1% and 10%.

The most popular forms of martech used by marketers are CRM (100%), marketing automation (98%) and webinar (88%).

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