93% of B2B Marketers Use Content Marketing to Raise Brand Visibility

According to a new report, The 2014 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation, by Starfleet Media, 93% of B2B marketers invest in content marketing in an effort to raise brand visibility.

The report shows that generating more leads (89%) and generating higher quality leads (86%) are also important factors for B2B marketers when investing in content marketing. Additional objectives sought after with assistance from content marketing include:

  • Driving more website traffic: 81%
  • Improving search rank (SEO): 72%
  • Demonstrating thought leadership: 64%
  • Reducing costs in other traditional marketing areas: 56%
  • Educating their marketplace: 47%

Unfortunately, even though B2B marketers had these goals for their content marketing, not many are reporting complete success: only 12% said they have been very successful in achieving their primary goals. This may indicate that B2B marketers need to change their strategy or implementation when it comes to content marketing in order to meet their goals.

Different Types of Content: Which is Most Popular?

92% b2b use content marketing for brand visibilityAs the majority, 69% of survey participants claimed that client success stories or case studies had been implemented in by their marketing team in the past year. Other popular forms included white papers (63%), webinars or other types of video content (59%), and ebooks (53%). Infographics, reports, and buyer’s guides were also popular choices. Even though most of the content is company-branded, 68% cite that they outsource their content writing and editing to external sources (e.g. freelancers or agencies).

Growth of Content Marketing

Starfleet Media CEO Jeff Zabin also claimed that survey respondents stated that they plan on allocating more of their marketing budgets to content in the next year, which was the same conclusion as a study by the Content marketing Institute and MarketingProfs in April 2014. This may be due to the fact that B2B marketers are finding that content marketing brings in higher quality leads, as wanting exclusive content from a company can show that a client is seriously interested in purchasing goods and services from them.

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