Survey: 93% of Inbound Marketing Professionals Create New Content Weekly

As inbound marketers churn out new content, a survey has revealed that many of them do so multiple times throughout the month.

In fact, according to a survey of 100 inbound marketers conducted by Writtent, 93 percent create fresh content weekly. Approximately one-third said they spend between one and five hours per week creating content, while the same amount claimed they dedicated six-to-10 hours per week to the task.

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Eleven percent of respondents claimed that finding time for writing is their greatest challenge as an inbound marketer.

“Those who spend 1–5 hours per week and even those who spend 31+ hours all agree on the same challenge,” said Helen Nesterenko, founder and CEO of Writtent. “So, this suggests that despite how much time they already spend on creating content, they all still feel that there is not enough time.”

Ideation and strategy (10 percent), exhibiting ROI (7 percent), and promoting content to a larger audience (6 percent) were also cited as common difficulties for inbound marketers.

B2B Buyer Personas and Marketing Performance

In terms of B2B marketing, buyer personas are critical to creating valuable content, according to previous research. A survey conducted by Akoonu revealed that 91 percent of B2B marketers who have visualized their buyer personas believe they have an in-depth understanding of their customers.

Approximately 90 percent also said that understanding their audience is essential to creating engaging content. Only 50 percent of B2B marketers who do not create buyer personas said that they had a firm grasp on their target buyers.

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