98% of Marketers Would Invest in MarTech if it Addressed Measurement Concerns

As marketers take a closer look at content creation as part of their marketing mix, new research shows that the majority would be willing to invest in technology to help evaluate ROI. Part 2 of Rapt Media’s “Future of Content” report has discovered that 98 percent would purchase new content technology if it addressed their measurement concerns.

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“To prove that content is effective, it has to be measured in a way that shows how it truly engaged and resonated with audiences,” said Erika Trautman, founder and CEO of Rapt Media. “Creating one-size-fits-all content and distributing it across different channels doesn’t accomplish personalization, and it is no longer a viable strategy for creating meaningful connections.”

Approximately 59 percent of respondents claimed that gaining deeper insight is their biggest concern when it comes to investing in content. 60 percent stated that they are unable to measure ROI on the content they create.

These concerns tie into broader B2B marketing challenges as well. As detailed in a report covered earlier this month, measuring and proving the ROI of overall digital marketing efforts was top challenge for marketers in general (29 percent), followed by delivering quality leads (27 percent).

Reflecting on Previous Content Marketing Data

In the first part of Rapt Media’s “Future of Content” report, marketers were already exhibiting an interest in using more content technology. About 94 percent said that better content technology was the key to creating more engaging, personalized content.

81 percent believed that engaging content was necessary to securing content technology investment at their company. The majority of respondents claimed that their companies were already investing in content distribution and management technology.

“Emerging content technology is the key to creating a new kind of customer-centric experience that also allows marketers to glean deep analytics from the content, understand its effectiveness, and optimize it for better performance,” wrote the authors of the report.

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