Adobe Social Seeks to Improve B2B Marketers’ Reach of Target Audiences

AdobeSocialPredictivePublishingThe expected integration of Adobe Social’s predictive publishing feature strives to provide B2B marketers with social engagement insights that could improve content reach to target audiences. Adobe announced at its Summit 2013 digital marketing conference in London that predictive publishing capabilities are in beta stages for Facebook but will eventually be available for multiple social platforms.

Through predictive publishing, Adobe Social claims users will be able to make engagement predictions and timing recommendations for social posts by “using advanced sentiment analysis and predictive text mining algorithms based on historic data around engagement, post time, and sentiment.” Adobe cited “increasing engagement” and “providing social ROI” as two of the primary goals behind the implementation of the predictive publishing tool. With the tool, B2B marketers could have access to data insights and recommendations that may explicitly tell them when to deliver what type of content to achieve optimal reach.

Bill Ingram, vice president, Adobe Social and Adobe Analytics, said, “Social marketers have largely had to rely on instinct to uncover not only what resonates but what will maximize future engagement on social platforms. Now we can smarten up social by unlocking the power of predictive analytics.” Predictive publishing insights could potentially eliminate the need for trial and error, which would make the engagement process more efficient and effective for marketers.

This new feature of Adobe Social could allow B2B marketers to create a strategy of engagement whose execution and success relies on data-drive insights.

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