Adobe Social to Help Social Marketers Effectively Measure ROI

According to an announcement on the Adobe blog, marketers now have a single, multi-functional product to manage social marketing activities end-to-end with Adobe Social.

This new program allows social marketers to track social engagement throughout the customer journey, from buying advertising to publishing to fans and followers, driving engagement with the brand or company, and measuring the end goal.

The program offers a few features that will be especially helpful for social media marketers looking to track their efforts. First, Adobe Social connects social media to business results by automatically tracking the performance of all social media posts for a campaign and connecting that data to KPIs for the business (e.g., revenue) and tying individual posts to revenue. This, in turn, leads to a second benefit of the new program: capitalizing on actual influence. Even if a user has a limited number of followers, Adobe Social allows for marketers to identify which followers are reaching large groups (i.e., a Twitter user who drives $5,000 in revenue alone because she retweets an offer to her 100 followers). Lastly, Adobe Social offers behavior measurement across the customer journey by pairing what customers are doing on a user’s social channel with other channels, such as mobile, web, and advertising.

From the blog post, “Social media is no longer an experiment and it is time for social to grow up. Adobe Social’s ability to create and demonstrate business impact from social media will enable the social marketer to secure a seat at the planning table. Adobe Social helps give the entire business a holistic view of the customer journey and how the social media channel impacts customer behavior and purchase decisions.”

A recent post on Search Engine Land  indicates that 60 percent of B2B marketers polled in a BtoB Online survey  were still not putting measurement in place to establish some form of ROI for their social media programs. Ultimately, Adobe Social could help marketers overcome one of their largest hurdles: measuring social media’s impact on ROI and overall business results.

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