Agency Marketers Seeking Confidence in the Use of MarTech

Although many marketers are turning toward technology to meet their key objectives, statistics show that they still trust other professionals with utilizing it to maximize its potential.

According to the “2017 Global Media Technology Report” published by ID Comms, approximately 30 percent of agency marketers believe that tech consultants and specialists are best suited to advise them on tech solutions. In addition, most agency marketers (about 55 percent) only have “some understanding” of how technology platforms contribute to their value chain and serve specific business and media goals.

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“What we find with these results is that marketers have a concerning lack of understanding about the precise impact that marketing technology is already having and will continue to have on their wider business,” said Susy Pyzer-Knapp, Consultant at ID Comms.

Just 1 in 5 agency marketers claim that they are using media technology effectively. About half answered this question neutrally (neither effectively or ineffectively) indicating a lack of confidence in their efforts.

Harnessing the Potential of MarTech

Despite the challenges associated with technology solutions, previous research shows that marketers are still turning to it to yield an ROI.

The “Marketing Technology ROI Survey” from Ascend2 discovered that the majority of marketers (69 percent) turn to martech to increase their marketing ROI. Approximately 48 percent do so to improve efficiency, while 40 percent use it to improve decision-making.

Nearly 52 percent of respondents believe that the ROI of martech is “increasing significantly.”

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