Large B2B Companies Turning Attention to Branding and Value Marketing in 2016

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2016, B2B marketers at large companies (average revenue of $6 billion) around the globe are showing a focus on branding and value marketing.

The “Current Trends in the World of B2B Marketing” infographic shows that 40 percent of B2B companies intend to increase their market research budget this year. According to the report, these investments will give B2B companies a better chance of overtaking their competition and improve brand positioning. However, the data shows that just 54 percent currently have a program in place to monitor their brand perception.

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In addition to measuring perception, statistics show that B2B marketing teams will strive to become more customer-centric in 2016. Just 14 percent said that their companies are currently customer-centric (customer experience is ingrained in the fabric of the company). About 54 percent claim that they are working to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

B2B Customers Feel a Lack of Engagement

As B2B companies work to improve their customer centricity, previous research indicates that most B2B buyers are feeling a lack of connection. The “Guide to Customer Centricity: Analytics and Advice for B2B Leaders” study published by Gallup recently discovered that 71 percent of B2B customers are indifferent or disengaged with vendors.

The research also highlighted the benefits of customer engagement. B2B companies that reported high client engagement achieved 50 percent higher sales/revenue and 34 percent more profitability than their counterparts.

“A true partnership between a company and its customers requires both sides to look beyond their individual goals and toward a mutual understanding of what works best to benefit everyone,” wrote the authors of the report.

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