B2B E-Newsletters Outperform Traditional Email Marketing Campaigns

b2b e-newsletters have higher CTR than emailsA recent study by Experian as reported by Chief Marketer reports that when it comes to B2B marketing, e-newsletters outperform traditional promotional marketing campaigns, in terms of clicks and open rates.

According to the study, e-newsletters, on average, had 21.1% unique opens and 4.5% unique clicks, whereas promotional email campaigns only had a 16.3% unique open rate and 2.8% unique clicks.

The main difference between e-newsletters and promotional email campaigns is the nature of their content. E-newsletters are meant to inform consumers about industry trends, news, events, and articles they may find interesting. Conversely, promotional emails are meant to give an incentive to buy – either through a graphic advertisement or unique incentive to get the user to go back to the company website.

In order to come up with its findings, Experian took data from over 400 brands. More than 50% of the companies in the study had regular e-newsletters that they sent out to their mailing lists. Compared to retail brands (of which 6% only had e-newsletters), B2B companies do recognize the potential of e-newsletters.

An article on BizActions.com states that successful B2B e-newsletters are concise, direct users to other resources on your website when applicable, and provide timely and relevant information that is of interest to the target market.

One of the main reasons why e-newsletters have a larger open rate and click-through rate is because they contain content the target market is usually always interested in, versus occasional interest for promotional campaigns (e.g. they will only click through on a specific promotional email because it highlights a product they need at that moment).

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