B2B Event Revenue Now Consists of 45% of All Media Profits

Conferences, trade shows, and more now make up 45% of revenue for B2B media, according to a recent study.

medium_482920665Should your B2B marketing and branding efforts be more interested in events? If you look at the new data from The Association of Business Information & Media Companies as reported in Folio Magazine, you may be more compelled to do so.

While the data does vary according to company size, on average, ABM’s Events Council saw the breakdown of the almost 50% event revenue as so (in no particular order):

  • Trade Shows Without Paid-Attendee Conference: 41%
  • Attendee and Sponsor Revenue from Hybrid Conferences: 18%
  • Live Award Programs: 4%
  • Attendee-Only Revenue from Conferences: 3%
  • Trade Shows with Paid-Attendee Conference: 14%
  • Sponsored Buyers Events: 3%
  • Training or Educational Events: 5%
  • Single Sponsor Custom Events: 5%
  • Other: 8%

Judging from the data, trade shows ad conferences seem to be the biggest source of revenue for B2B companies and advertisers when it comes to events.

In addition, the overall attitude toward the expense of live shows is still relatively positive, even though webinars and other virtual events are continuing to increase in popularity. According to e-Strategy Trends in a post on Webbiquity, almost 75% of brand marketers view live events as either “essential to doing business” or as “very valuable.”

Furthermore, out of those surveyed, only 9% said live events were diminishing in importance.

When it comes down to it, most B2B marketers agree that diversity is key when it comes to a successful marketing strategy. In a different study by MarketingProfs, those surveyed said inside sales, executive events, tradeshows or conferences, and email/e-newsletters were the most effective B2B lead generation strategies.

photo credit: Gypsyrosed via photopin cc

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