B2B Manufacturers Slower to Adopt Content Marketing; 46% Planning to Increase Efforts

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A new report released by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs states that B2B companies in the manufacturing industry have been 7% slower to adopt content marketing as a strategy that their respective peers in the B2B industry as a whole.

However, the report also shows that 46% of survey participants stated that they were planning on increasing their content marketing efforts and budget in the coming year.

Expected Effectiveness

One of the reasons why content marketing hasn’t been fully embraced by the B2B manufacturing marketing community is that many believe that it is not effective. While only 3% surveyed said content marketing was “not at all effective,” 46% were in the middle of the spectrum, showcasing a trepidation of how effective content could be as a marketing strategy for their business and industry (additionally, 3% of respondents said content marketing was “very effective”).

Other Differences

Besides a lesser use of content marketing as a whole, there are still a few other differences between B2B manufacturing marketers specifically and the B2B marketing industry as a whole:

  • It is over 50% less likely that manufacturing marketers have a documented content strategy.
  • Manufacturing marketers are 11% more likely to outsource their content marketing.
  • 62% of manufacturing marketers versus 47% of all B2B marketers report that they are “challenged with producing engaging content.”

Conversely, there are some similarities. Both groups reported using approximately the same amount of social media platforms and both had an average of 13 marketing tactics used to reach their target user base.

To read more about the survey results, the PDF is available for free.

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