B2B Marketers Not As Advanced As They Believe In Connecting Content Marketing To Business Results

Content MarketingA new study released by Forrester found that even though half of those surveyed view their content marketing practices as mature, B2B marketers often create content that is too focused on the early buyer stage, leaving prospects at the top of the funnel.

About 47 percent of respondents claimed that they create marketing content for channels such as their company website, email lists and social media channels. Only 12 percent said that they develop content to help prospects better understand their business’ offerings. In turn, the target audience is not always educated on the products and services available.

Forrester also found in its research that a large portion of marketing teams do not play an involved role in the development of collateral. About 72 percent of respondents claimed that less than half of their team has an impact on the creation of content marketing materials. As a result, not all marketers are prepared to address what the buyer persona wants.

“Survey results tell us that B2B marketers are strongest at connecting content themes to the brand, business objectives, and customer concerns,” wrote the authors of the study. “However, they are weakest at developing content that builds relationships with buyers, garnering enterprise-wide support for and compliance with content strategies, and demonstrating a meaningful correlation between content production and business results.”

Forrester discovered that while 71 percent of respondents claimed to create content marketing collateral that includes customer stories, only 3 percent admitted to making this a primary focus. Additionally, an estimate of 5 percent of respondents said that they make it a priority to frequently communicate with their customer base.

The research showed that content marketing strategies are not always as mature as marketing teams think, but re-focusing on the buyer can help. Forrester specifies that ideal marketing content should always deliver insight to its reader.

While approximately 71 percent of marketers plan to increase their investment in content marketing, according to Curata. The best marketers are constantly working to create an ideal mix of curated, created and syndicated content.

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