B2B Marketers Increasingly Using Data to Analyze Video Content Performance

As B2B marketers begin to invest more in video content, new research suggests that they are turning to data and analytics to measure their performance along the way.

Vidyard recently conducted the “2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report” and found that 36 percent of businesses now use intermediate or advanced video analytics. This is compared to just 13 percent that claim they are not using any metrics.

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Over the past year, there has been a 43 percent decrease in those not using performance analytics of any kind. The authors of the report claim that this implies that companies are beginning to look at metrics, even in a basic or intermediate capacity.

In terms of audience engagement, the average retention rate by the end of B2B marketers’ video content is now 46 percent.

Short videos have higher retention rates than long videos, according to the report. For instance, videos that last less than 90 seconds in length have an average retention rate of 59 percent. Videos more than 30 minutes retain only 14 percent of their audience by the end.

Marketers Focused on Developing Original Video Content

As marketers explore new ways to analyze their video marketing efforts, they are also taking more time to create original video content, according to previous research.

The “Digital Content NewFronts: Video Ad Spend Study 2018” report from IAB recently found that marketers will spend upwards of $10 million on digital/mobile video advertising this year, and $4.7 million will specifically go toward original content. This is a 68 percent year-over-year increase dating back to 2016.

In 2018, an average of 47 percent of digital video budgets will go toward producing original content.

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