B2B Marketers Now Turning to Data to Measure Their Success

As B2B marketers look ahead to the remainder of the year, they are becoming increasingly aware of the need to utilize the data and analytics at their fingertips.

MeritB2B recently published its “Q2 2021 Marketing Trends Report,” and statistics showed the majority of B2B marketers (50%) believe campaign attribution is the most important measurement to invest in, highlighting the value of tying data back to its source. Approximately 40% are also placing an emphasis on database and data quality measurement.

In terms of data-driven tactics, about 50% of B2B marketers have centralized customer data, while almost 20% intend to have this in place in the coming months. Approximately 35% have campaign coordination across all of their channels, and about 25% are already leveraging intent data.

Finding Value in Social Media Marketing Data

Data is now coming from a wide array of sources, but previous research suggests that marketers’ organizations may be under-utilizing the information they receive from social media channels.

Sprout Social conducted its “Sprout Social Index XVII: Accelerate” report, and statistics indicated that 46% of marketers claim their organization only views social media marketing data strictly as a marketing resource. This is despite the fact that 47% of marketers say social data is seen as a resource that influences strategy for multiple teams.

Fortunately, the majority (55%) said that they are using social data to better understand their target audience. About 48% are utilizing it to develop creative content, while 33% are using it to analyze trends.

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