Survey: 87% of B2B Marketers Are Prioritizing Marketing Measurement

Marketing measurement remains a priority among B2B marketers, but new research shows there is room for improvement.

Recently, Demand Gen Report conducted the “2018 Marketing Measurement and Attribution Benchmark Survey” to gauge how B2B marketers, in particular, are measuring their marketing tactics. The research showed that 87 percent believe marketing measurement and reporting continue to be a growing priority. However, the majority (58 percent) stated that their current ability to measure and analyze marketing performance “needs improvement or worse.”

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About 40 percent claimed that their measurement skills need improvement, while 34 percent said their measurement capabilities are just “average.” Only 7 percent stated that their measurement efforts were excellent, which was a 6 percent drop from 2017.

Seventy percent said that the desire to show marketing’s impact on pipeline and revenue is their main driver for improvement.

“The push for deeper metrics and reporting on marketing’s impact continues to be driven by the need for tighter alignment with sales around the shared revenue funnel,” wrote the authors of the report.

The Roadblocks to Sales and Marketing Alignment

When it comes to sales and marketing alignment, previous research showed that there are still some key obstacles to achieving this objective.

“The State of Sales and Marketing Alignment in 2018: How Leading B2B Companies Drive Growth by Aligning Teams and Go-to-Market Teams” report from InsideView discovered that there are three primary roadblocks to sales and marketing alignment: a lack of accurate/shared data on target accounts and prospects (43 percent), communication (43 percent) and measuring with different metrics (41 percent).

Most marketers (30 percent) said that what they need most from sales is consistent use of systems. Twenty-two percent stated better lead follow-up, while 19 percent cited feedback on campaigns.

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