B2B Marketers Reap Big Benefits from the Use of Predictive Analytics

A new survey conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Radius has shown that the majority of B2B marketers are currently integrating or expanding predictive analytics efforts within their overall strategies.

About 61 percent said they had already implemented them or were in the process of doing so. Thirty-seven percent stated that they were interested in integrating predictive analytics. Nearly 83 percent said they see “considerable” or “very high” business impact by using them.

Predictive Analytics

Furthermore, 86 percent claimed that predictive analytics helps them evaluate opportunities to enter new markets. Researchers had previously found that this was a top challenge for B2B marketers.

Ninety-seven percent stated that with predictive analytics, they now understand how and why their target customers buy their products and services. Eighty-nine percent claimed that they have been able to identify new opportunities, and 92 percent have optimized their marketing approach to reach the right audience.

Merging Marketing Automation and Predictive Analytics

A white paper released by the Digital Marketing Depot in March 2015 showed that many marketers utilize marketing automation software for features, such as predictive analytics. Furthermore, research indicated that software manufacturers are becoming more aware of the need for these features. Nearly half of B2B marketing automation vendors made upgrades related to analytics in 2014.

Other features that marketing automation software buyers look for include PPC/SEO management, CRM integration, video marketing, social media and web publishing. The authors of the white paper note that B2B continues to adopt predictive analytics specifically for lead scoring.

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