B2B Companies Strive to Meet Higher Customer Experience Expectations

As B2B sales leaders look to capitalize on new leads, research suggests that B2B marketers need to be prepared to offer a more unique customer experience.

“The Complexities of B2B Sales Require Thinking Beyond Today’s CPQ” study produced by Forrester Consulting and FPX recently looked at the challenges faced by B2B sales professionals. Seventy percent of B2B firms say customers now have higher expectations for the experiences they have during the buying process than they did in the past.

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“B2B firms recognize the significance of increased buyer expectations. And they understand that delivering a consistent and high-quality customer experience for both customers and users (such as sales reps and partner channels) is essential to sales strategies today,” wrote the authors of the report.

About 68 percent of respondents said that it is “very important” to deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience. In addition to wanting a better overall experience, 62 percent of B2B firms say people now want a more convenient buying process. Approximately 58 percent believe customers expect a digital experience. In response, 97 percent of survey respondents are now embracing some elements of eCommerce.

Marketers Turn to UX Testing for Better Experiences

To provide an enhanced customer experience, research indicates that more marketers are turning to UX testing.

The “UX and User Research Industry Report” from UserTesting found that 65 percent of executives intended to increase their UX testing frequency at the beginning of 2017. Product teams have been finding customer feedback helpful as they refine their concepts.

“Because better user experiences dramatically impact customer loyalty and the overall customer experience, businesses are prioritizing and maturing their UX and user research strategies,” said Brian Smith, VP of Marketing at UserTesting.

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