B2B Marketers Struggling to Provide Valuable Customer Sales Intelligence

Customer Info Recent Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council survey results indicate B2B marketers are struggling to provide the front-line sales force with valuable customer data that can be used to boost performance and sales.

The data shows more than three-quarters (79%) of marketing respondents are not currently satisfied with the levels of closure and conversion of customer opportunities. Much of this dissatisfaction could be tied to the fact that just 9% of marketers admit their company has customer intelligence systems that deliver real-time, account-based news, social insights, customer developments and market shifts to the sales organization. Additionally, only 37% of marketers say they have systems that integrate and share any level of customer information between sales and service, support, channel, in-store or field assets.

Liz Miller, Vice President of Marketing for the CMO Council, says in the release, “In our quest to leverage big data to optimize marketing effectiveness, B2B marketers have lost sight of the fundamental mandate of marketing: to better enable sales and front-line revenue drivers. By focusing attention into how we deliver the ‘little data’—those actionable pieces of intelligence that can alert and empower the front line—we can reclaim the role of revenue driver.”

While most companies appear to not have systems in place, they do in fact recognize the importance of big data as a key enabler of personalization, as 81% believe it is an area of growing importance and strategic focus. Leveraging this data for sales use will likely be dependent upon automated, cloud-based intelligence delivery, as marketers believe just 3% of marketers believe sales teams are very adept at sourcing their own customer data and insight.

These survey results prove there are deficiencies in real-time customer information provisioning, which may lead to higher levels of automated, cloud-based intelligence delivery.

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