B2B Marketers Unsure of Most Effective Digital Channels to Reach Lead Gen Goals

woman with question markThe “2015 State of Digital Marketing” report, released by Webmarketing123, recently revealed that B2B marketers are unsure which channels are most effective as they look to generate leads.

Generating leads was listed as B2B marketers’ top priority and they use channels such as email, paid search and social media in order to reach their goals. However, 33 percent of respondents said that they aren’t sure which channel makes the biggest impact on their overall goals and total revenue.

Additionally, B2B marketers appear to be having issues proving ROI. Approximately 24 percent of respondents said that this is currently their top digital marketing challenge.

“While overall digital marketing spend is increasing year-over-year, marketers struggle to win more budget because of their continued inability to tie ROI to digital,” wrote the authors of the report. “As a result, about half of marketers spend less than 25 percent of their total budget online.”

Other challenges cited by B2B marketers included converting leads (23 percent), producing content (22 percent), and generating leads (23 percent).

As B2B marketers search for ways to exhibit more ROI from their efforts, one survey suggests that data may be the solution to their problems.

The Search for Data-Driven Insights

The 2015 Global Data-Driven Marketing Survey conducted by Teradata found that 41 percent of marketing executives believe that the use of data-driven insights could improve budget allocation for marketing activities. Currently, 45 percent of executives fully leverage data to measure ROI.

“Marketers have neglected to use data to make their business case,” wrote the author of the report. “’How are current marketing activities helping achieve our corporate objectives?’ is the most challenging question for the second-largest percentage of marketing executives [in our report].”

Only 3 percent of marketers said that proving the effectiveness of their marketing efforts is their top priority. About 87 percent of respondents said that data is the most underutilized asset in marketing organizations.

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