Digital Marketing Channels Drive 92% of Calls to Businesses

As further evidence of the importance of establishing an omnichannel journey for customers, new data shows that digital channels drove 92 percent of calls to businesses in 2015. This represents significant growth since 2014, when 84 percent of calls were driven by digital marketing efforts.

The “2016 Call Intelligence Index” by Invoca analyzed 58 million calls across 40 industries. Additionally, the study revealed mobile marketing has become an essential means to connect with customers. Roughly half (54 percent) of customer calls came from mobile-specific channels.

mobile marketing 1

The authors of the study note the importance of incorporating click-to-call buttons on mobile channels.

Six of the top 10 call sources are digital marketing channels. These include mobile search (48 percent), desktop search (17 percent), desktop display (11 percent), content/review sites (9 percent) and mobile display (3 percent) and email (3 percent).call sources

“Marketers speculated that the rise of digital would kill more traditional channels like the phone call,” said Kyle Christensen, VP of marketing, Invoca.

“But what we’re seeing is the opposite. As people use their phones to interface with the world around them, they’re also calling businesses more. The marketers who will thrive in this environment will be those who optimize for calls as an integrated part of their omnichannel strategies.” Don’t forget to make sure though that you are aware of the TCPA violations, particularly if you are a business that deals with phone calls.

Lead Calls from Mobile Ad Campaigns Increase

A DialogTech study from July 2015 found that calls from mobile ads had increased 34 percent in six months’ time. Further, the data showed that call tracking was essential to accurately measuring cost per lead or ROI on ad campaigns. When phone calls aren’t taken into accounts, the cost-per-lead metric was – on average – doubled.

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