Report: More Traffic Now Coming from Mobile, Suggesting a New Direction for B2B Marketers

As marketers in B2B organizations look for new avenues to reach their target audience, new research suggests that mobile is growing in even greater prominence.

Wpromote recently conducted the “2019 State of B2B Digital Marketing” report and discovered that for the majority of marketers (30.13 percent), up to 20 percent of their traffic comes from mobile. About 27.48 percent of respondents said that 21-40 percent of their traffic comes from mobile, while 24.83 percent stated that between 41-60 percent of their traffic via this channel.

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As customers and prospects turn to mobile to reach out to marketers, 53.97 percent of marketers said that they intend on investing in responsive design/a mobile-friendly website in the coming months. About 28.15 percent of respondents said that their company website is already responsive.

Mobile Reigns Supreme Over Desktop for Organic Search

In terms of organic search, previous research indicates that customers and prospects overall are turning to mobile, rather than desktop, further suggesting that marketers may want to shift their focus to this area.

Merkle published its “Digital Marketing Report” for the second quarter of 2018, and statistics showed that organic search visits on phones spiked, growing 11 percent in the quarter, up from 8 percent in Q1 2018. Desktop organic search visits fell 5 percent in Q2 2018.

On mobile devices, organic search produced 24 percent of all site visits in the second quarter of 2018. This was a slight increase from the previous quarter.

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