BloomReach CQM Updates May Help B2B Marketers Determine Quality of Content

bloomreachWeb relevance analytics platform, BloomReach, has announced a new CQM dashboard that will reportedly provide insights into how well a site’s content is performing. According to an article from Clickz, this application aims to provide site owners with insights about how a site’s page content is or is not driving leads and conversions to know where improvements should be made.

The BloomReach content metric application reportedly measures four areas in particular to evaluate site content. These metrics include: how page content relates to visitor intent, behavior measurement (i.e. bounce rate, conversions), content uniqueness, and a flux metric that analyzes the rate of product change. Each of these metrics could potentially provide B2B marketers with insights for how to determine the effect of page content on visitor behavior, if content has become “stale or irrelevant,” and how to re-optimize it.

BloomReach CEO, Raj De Datta is quoted in the Clickz article saying, “This technology is about making sure, when you run a website with thousands or even millions of pages, that the quality is good. Most sites will create the base content, publish it, and then that page never gets optimized over time.” De Datta added, “It’s not necessarily about arbitrarily good or bad quality, but what is appropriate for a particular website.”

For B2B marketers, the insights provided through the CQM content metrics application could be useful in recognizing which pages need to be re-optimized in order to ensure that content is always relevant for visitors and continuing to drive leads and conversions.

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