Report: Brand Marketing Helps Marketers Achieve Several Top Priorities

New research suggests that brand marketing is helping marketers achieve goals ranging from customer acquisition to audience engagement.

For its “State of Branding” report, OnBrand recently surveyed 562 global brand managers and CMOs to determine their priorities for 2017. “New customer acquisition” was the top priority for B2B and B2C marketers, according to the report. About two-thirds of marketers (65 percent) either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that brand marketing was already helping them increase new customer acquisition.

Marketing Priorities

In addition, 46 percent agreed or strongly agreed that brand marketing has helped increase their customer renewal rate. About 66 percent agreed that it boosts their subscriber/community growth, and 70 percent agreed that it’s resulted in more audience engagement.

Approximately 50 percent of all marketing managers said that they have a dynamic brand strategy. Ninety-four percent claimed that it incorporates their brand vision and mission, while 87 percent stated that it reflects their story and value proposition.

Content Marketing and Brand Awareness

Content marketers, in particular, have been working to drive more brand awareness, according to recent research.  The “Content Marketing Survey 2016” from Clutch discovered that raising brand awareness is the primary goal for nearly 49 percent of content marketers.

Other goals for content marketers include increasing visibility in search engines (30 percent) and lead generation (21 percent).

In terms of the type of content that performs best for marketers, 18 percent said research/original data tends to resonate with their audience. This was followed by infographics (17 percent) and product reviews (16 percent).

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