Businesses Investing More in UX to Enhance Customer Experience in 2017

To provide an enhanced customer experience, businesses across industries are investing more in their user experience (UX) strategies, and new research shows that UX testing is becoming more common.

The annual “UX and User Research Industry Report” published by UserTesting discovered that about 65 percent of executives intend to increase their usability testing frequency in 2017. Product teams, in particular, are finding that receiving continuous feedback from customers during prototyping helps refine concepts.

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“Because better user experiences dramatically impact customer loyalty and the overall customer experience, businesses are prioritizing and maturing their UX and user research strategies,” said Brian Smith, VP of Marketing at UserTesting.

Approximately 81 percent of executives “agree” or “strongly agree” that researching UX makes their company more efficient. Nearly 86 percent said the same when asked if user research improves the quality of their products and services.

Understanding What Makes a Positive Customer Experience

To gain more insight into what generates a positive customer experience, Clutch and Brave UX conducted the “2016 User Experience Consumer Survey.” The results showed that 93 percent of customers will return to a website because of its ease of use. About 94 percent also said they would do the same if they considered its content valuable.

The survey results also suggested that marketers may want to turn to some social media platforms over others to deliver a better customer experience. For example, two-thirds of customers said they find Facebook “easy to use” and use it most frequently (75 percent) when compared to other sites like Instagram (12 percent) and Twitter (9 percent).

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