Businesses Not Optimized for Mobile Frustrates and Deters Consumers

According to the findings of a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of SOASTA, 9 in 10 Americans express negative feelings about brands that fail to provide a positive mobile experience. Mobile users expect a high level of performance from mobile sites and will quickly write off a brand that does not meet these expectations, reported Harris Interactive.

An article from Marketing Charts highlighted the results of the survey, which revealed that 75% of mobile users feel annoyed when a brand’s mobile site performs poorly. Site issues such as poor navigation, slow response time, and crashes are reportedly the main elements turning consumers away from doing business with such brands. Mobile users noted four key areas that are expected to perform highly on mobile websites in order for them to be satisfied, including:

  • Works when needed (72%)
  • Fast response times; minimal waiting (65%)
  • Performs as expected (62%)
  • Doesn’t crash (53%)

In response to the survey responses, Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO, said, “If companies want to remain competitive in the modern landscape, they need their web and mobile websites to engage the user and work as expected. Those that are creating a seamless and enjoyable online user experience are reaping the benefits.”

As the survey results indicate, sites that perform poorly on mobile risk losing current or prospective buyers. Brands with mobile sites are encouraged to monitor their sites for performance to ensure mobile users experience an engaging and successful visit.

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