Survey: 76% of China’s Mobile Users Actively Share on Social Media

A new survey of mobile users by Penguin Intelligence provides some insight on when and what China’s social media users are posting on social media platforms (Linked study is in Mandarin).

Some of the data, which was translated to English by China Internet Watch, shows there are two distinct types of social media users: 76.2 percent of China internet users actively share on social media while 21 percent are passive users, only reading shared content.

The survey included 6,680 mobile users in China and specifically looked at social media sharing platforms: WeChat Moments, Weibo and Qzone.

In terms of the types of content China’s internet users are sharing on social media, half (51 percent) post emotions and status and 35 percent share articles. About 12 percent share work-related posts.

What China Internet Users Share

Among those who share, about 10 percent of respondents share/post more than 3 times daily; 23.1 percent share/post 1-2 times. In total, more than 30 percent of users share/post at least once every day.


WeChat is the most popular social platform for about 75 percent of those who share on social media. Active users are sharing the same content across multiple social platforms.

Mobile Search Gaining Traction in China

As more people use their smartphone to access the internet and use social media, according to data released in July 2016, mobile search is also making significant strides. It’s on its way to matching the number of users and level of penetration of desktop search.

The China Internet Network Information Center released numbers showing there are 566 million desktop search engine users, an 82.3 percent utilization rate, and 478 million mobile search users, which represents a 77.1 percent utilization rate as of Dec. 2015.

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