Consistent Messaging Remains a Challenge for Majority of B2B Marketers

Writing in DarkAccording to a recent CorporateVisions survey, only 27 percent of today’s B2B marketers believe that their campaigns are customer-centric.

Additionally, only half of B2B companies have trained their content creators and expect them to portray their company message consistently. About 20 percent of respondents said that they believe it’s just a “free for all” and everyone does what they think is best. In turn, there is no unified approach to marketing messaging and content creation.

“There’s too much at stake,” wrote the authors of the survey. “Telling your story on purpose — not by accident — starts with developing a marketing methodology that converts leads into real opportunities.”

A total of 29 percent of survey respondents said that they have a well-established message development process for their campaigns and marketing content. Nearly 36 percent of companies said that they don’t have a formal message development process, or they have a process, but choose not to follow it.


Investing in Marketing Messaging

Although B2B companies may not be entirely successful at consistent messaging, they still choose to funnel money into the initiative. The “2015 Marketing Trends Survey,” released by StrongView, looked at how marketers see their budgets unfolding throughout the New Year.

Approximately 46 percent of respondents said that they believe their budgets will increase by up to 10 percent. Nearly 60 percent said they would increase spend on email marketing, while 49 percent claimed they would put more money into social media.

In the end, StrongView researchers found that marketers were determined to utilize customer data and their budgets to enhance messaging.

“Accessing and leveraging customer data continues to be the top challenge facing email marketers in 2015 due to issues related to data cleanliness, budget and resources,” wrote the authors of the study. “The data also shows that triggered and lifecycle programs will be the top targets of increased spend, as email marketers embrace email automation to enable more one-to-one messaging.”

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— Katie Meurin, SEO Manager at Southern New Hampshire University

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