Content Marketing Doubles in Importance from 2012; Authorship Emerges

content-wordsAccording to recent survey results from CopyPress, the overall marketing space is evolving, as almost 50% of the survey respondents (164 of 329) have decided to shift their primary marketing focus to content marketing this year as compared to last.

In 2012, content marketing ranked as the third highest primary focus (18.9%) behind email (25.6%) and social media (24.3%), and has since become the primary focus (34.8%) in 2013. Featured articles are seen as the best drivers of ROI (62.2%), followed by video 51.9%, white papers (45.6%), and photos (37.8%).

With content creation on the rise, the importance of authorship has become a focal point for marketers; 65.6% of respondents feel it is an important part of their content strategy. However, only 30.5% of respondents admit they are familiar with the rel=”author” tag and its speculated AuthorRank connection in Google results, a tactic that is emerging in SEO campaigns.

Mike Arnesen, Senior SEO Analyst, SwellPath, says in a SEOmoz blog post, “I’m certain that Google is going to begin incorporating Author Rank into their ranking algorithm in the not-too-distant future. I’d put good money on it. All the signs point to it: Google’s emphasis on social, Google Authorship, their ongoing efforts to measure site trust, and their progressive devaluation of raw links as a ranking factor. People want to read content written by credible and knowledgeable people and using Author Rank as a major part of their search algorithm just makes sense.”

As content continues to grow in importance for marketing campaigns, it will be interesting to see the effects of Google Authorship as well as its potential benefits for marketers.

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