83% of Marketing Creatives See Content Personalization as Their Top Challenge

Previous research has shown that marketers are focusing on content personalization, and a new report indicates that it’s becoming a common challenge. The “Future of Content” report from Rapt Media discovered that 83 percent of marketing content creators name personalization their top obstacle.

As marketing creatives attempt to overcome this challenge, approximately 94 percent said that better content technology is the key to creating personalized content that engages recipients. However, 81 percent stated that increased engagement is the key to securing the funds necessary for content technology.

“The results clearly show that we’ve reached a turning point where the need for better, more personalized content that can be measured and optimized is here,” says Jen Bergen, director of content marketing at Rapt Media.

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When it comes to content effectiveness, approximately 76 percent said the key is making it engaging. About 55 percent cited personalization for different audiences as the key and 41 percent said it’s critical to distribute it to the right channels.

Prioritizing Personalized Marketing Content

The “Contextual Marketing Imperative” report from SAP Hybris revealed at the end of 2015 that 91 percent of marketers wanted to improve the customer experience through personalization in the coming months.

At the time, just 31 percent of customers said that companies were consistently delivering personalized, cross-channel experiences. However, 66 percent of marketers claimed that their personalization efforts were “very good” or “excellent.”

“Marketers must go beyond traditional personalization and toward contextualization by leveraging real-time signals of customer intent at the moment when the customer chooses to interact with the brand,” said Charles Nicholls, senior vice president of Product Strategy and Marketing Solutions at SAP Hybris.

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