Conversion Rates Remain Critical to B2B Landing Page Optimization Strategies

Landing Page ConceptAscend2’s recent “Landing Page Optimization” survey has revealed that increasing conversion rates (93 percent) is the most important objective for B2B marketers when it comes to landing page optimization. Improving lead quality (58 percent) and segmentation (30 percent) were also priorities for marketers, according to the report.

However, landing page success does not always come easy to marketers. Approximately 45 percent say that a lack of internal resources is their largest obstacle, while 41 percent claim that limited conversion-worth content is the top issue.

“Landing page optimization is a combination of art and science – creative and methodical,” wrote the authors of the report. “Many companies are challenged by limited internal resources capable of providing this skill set.”

The data indicates that B2B marketers still find importance in gauging ROI. About 75 percent find conversion rate to be the most useful landing page metric, far outpacing cost per conversion (40 percent) and revenue per conversion (33 percent), which round out the top three spots.

Approximately 63 percent said that they use a combination of outsourced and in-house resources to create optimized landing pages. Only 23 percent said that they primarily rely on in-house resources. That being said, marketers still appear to be dedicated to finding a way to create optimized landing pages.

Making the Most of a Landing Page

Quick Sprout recently released an infographic on landing page trends, and data revealed that 48 percent of marketers build a new landing page for each campaign they launch. Furthermore, 64 percent of marketers believe that landing pages are the most effective way to test value proposition.

However, the overall effectiveness of landing pages continues to be problematic for marketers. About 48 percent of landing pages contain multiple offers, which confuses customers and reduces conversion rates. Only 77 percent of marketers test their landing page headline, which is key to keeping visitors on the webpage.

“If your landing pages have the wrong copy or distract your visitors, your conversion rate will drop,” said Neil Patel of Quick Sprout, who created the infographic.

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