86% of Marketers Are Making Customer Experience a Top Priority

Although marketers have a wide array of objectives on their list, new research shows that many would like to make fine-tuning the customer experience a top priority in the coming months.

Alchemer and Forrester recently teamed up to conduct the “Why Customer Experience Programs Miss Their Mark” report, and statistics showed that the majority of marketers (86%) are going to make improving the customer experience a “high” or “critical” priority over the next 12 months. About 66% said that they would also like to improve upon personalization capabilities, while 50% want to improve the return-on-investment of customer experience programs in general.

In general, marketers are taking many steps to embed customer insights throughout their organization. Approximately 44% stated that they are making new tech investments, while 38% claimed that they are increasing their defined customer experience budget.

Customer Experience for a Marketing Advantage

Marketers have begun focusing more on the customer experience, and previous research shows that making this a top priority is helping some of them gain a competitive advantage.

Ascend2 published its “Customer Experience Design Survey Summary,” and data suggested that the majority of marketers (60%) now consider it to be “very important” to design an effective customer experience to gain a competitive advantage. At least 33% say that it is at least “somewhat important.”

That being said, most marketers (42%) also admit that they still struggle with a lack of time and resources to execute their goals in regards to designing a strategy to improve the customer experience.

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