Survey: Personalized Customer Experiences Are Top Priority for Marketers

Marketers are continuously working to improve the customer experience, and new research suggests that they are making it a top business objective.

The Data and Marketing Association and the Winterberry Group recently came together to survey marketers on how focused they are on the customer experience. In their “Elevating the Customer Experience” report, statistics showed that 57 percent of marketers have made it a “top priority” to elevate the customer experience. An additional 38 percent claim that it is at least “somewhat a priority” at their organization.

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“Marketers have prioritized elevating the customer experience as a goal not just in service of their business objectives but as an objective in and of itself, recognizing the strong link between the interests of the consumer and their own business interests,” wrote the authors of the report.

The majority of respondents (70.8 percent) state that customers now expect better/more personalized experiences from marketers, and it’s driving their initiative to fulfill these needs. Through personalizing the customer experience, most marketers (58.8 percent) hope to increase engagement with their customers over time.

The Business Impact of Content Personalization

As marketers continue to personalize more content and campaigns, previous research suggests that customers are finding this strategy more appealing.

According to Epsilon Marketing’s “The Power of Me: The Impact of Personalization on Marketing Performance,” 90 percent of customers find personalization to be “very/somewhat appealing.” In addition, 80 percent state that they are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience.

Over the past year, 66 percent claim to have gotten “much/somewhat better” at offering personalized experiences.

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