Customers 22% More Likely to Purchase With a Combined Email and Facebook Ad Strategy

According to a Salesforce study reported by AllFacebook (which was related to the Global Digital Advertising Report for Q3 2014 by Adobe and published on, researchers found that when retailers used both email marketing and Facebook advertising to target audience members, they were 22% more likely to purchase than when just being sent an email.

Combined email and Facebook ads means higher purchase rate

Graphic via AllFacebook

This occurrence likely happened because repeated exposure (at many times subconscious to the audience member) to a certain brand or product increases the likelihood of a purchase, according to Science Daily and many other sources.

Facebook Paid Versus Organic Impressions

Some of the other related key findings in the Adobe study were that organic Facebook impressions are down 50% year-over-year, and  paid impressions are up 5%. Facebook has stated that this is because their algorithm has gotten better at detecting the type of content users want to see, and boosted content helps advertisers stand out from the crowd.

Email Marketing

According to AllFacebook, opening an email and seeing a Facebook advertisement was key to a higher likelihood of purchasing. In addition, dual exposure affected email open rate: email subscribers were 8% more likely to open an email from a company after seeing an ad as well.

Dual Exposure Makes a Difference

Both the Adobe findings and the Salesforce study show that using a dual (or multi-faceted) marketing and advertising approach can bring in more exposure and thus, more revenue. Multi-channel marketing has had much success for many brands, including Capital One and welding tool provider Multiplaz, which saved 20% of its annual adspend budget after employing multi-channel strategies and cutting down on click fraud.

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