Both Customers and Marketers Increasingly Turn to Video Content

New research suggests that more customers are turning to video content, and as they do so, marketers appear to be ready to adapt to the growing trend.

Wyzowl recently conducted “The State of Video Marketing 2018” survey to gauge how both customers and marketers are utilizing video content. The research found that the average customer now watches more than an hour-and-a-half of online video content per day. In 2018, interactive video adoption is expected to increase from 1-in-5 marketers to almost 1-in-3.

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Currently, 81 percent of companies are already using video as a marketing tool. This is an increase from the 63 percent that said they were doing so in 2017. Out of the businesses that are not already utilizing video, 65 percent said they intend to do so in the coming months.

In terms of benefits, there appears to be advantages for both customers and companies. Ninety-seven percent of marketers claim that video has helped customers better understand their product or service. Seventy-six percent state that it has helped them increase sales, while the same percentage said it helped them increase traffic.

Overall, 80 percent of marketers claim that video has boosted the amount of time customers spend on their website.

Data Usage for Video Content Measurement

Marketers are seeing benefits from using video content, such as an increase in sales, and previous research indicates that they are using advanced data to measure these results.

The “State of Video Marketing 2017” report from Vidyard and Demand Metric discovered that 71 percent of marketers who claim to see an ROI from video content utilize advanced metrics. About 22 percent use intermediate metrics.

“The use of advanced metrics is a prerequisite to achieving the greatest impact and highest ROI from video marketing efforts,” wrote the authors of the report.

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