Data-Driven Content Strategies Boost Marketing-Attributed Revenue

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The “Future of Content Marketing: The Age of Content Science” report from the Aberdeen Group has discovered that data-driven content marketing strategies generate nearly five times more revenue than standard content marketing tactics and are critical to meeting the audience’s needs.

Fifty-eight percent of best-in-class (top 20 percent of performers) marketers have the ability to track the actions of site visitors at any time, according to the data. Furthermore, 73 percent of these marketers have the tools to capture this data and save it for analysis (compared to just 39 percent of all other marketers who do so).

Nearly 67 percent of best-in-class marketers intend to use data to design content that meets the specific needs of their target audience. At the moment, 52 percent already align their content with the buyer’s journey.

“Understanding your target audiences is key to the success of any content marketing campaign, and these survey results prove that,” said Maribeth Ross, chief content officer and managing director of the Aberdeen Group. “Those who map content to their audience’s needs at each stage of the buyer’s journey will be successful in engaging leads and bringing them down the funnel.”

Data Usage and Customer Insight

Research shows that marketers continue to find new ways to leverage data to understand their target audience. A report published by Econsultancy and Signal has found that 82 percent of marketers will use first-party information to learn more about their buyers within the next year.

Two-thirds of marketers believe that first-party data is essential understanding their target audience. Sixty percent of respondents claim that they have a “strong capability” of personalizing content or sites as a result of data use.

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