Data Shows Tuesdays, Thursdays Best for Marketers Launching Email Campaigns

Marketers can launch their digital marketing campaigns on any day of the week, but as new research shows, sending emails on certain days – particularly Tuesdays and Thursdays – may be more efficient.

Campaign Monitor recently published its “US Email Marketing Benchmarks (2020): By Day and Industry” guide, and statistics showed that Tuesday and Thursday generally have the highest click-through rates (2.6%). Thursday has the highest click-to-open rate (15.2%), while Tuesday overall has the highest email open rate (17.6%).


The day with the lowest email open rate was Saturday (16.2%), while Wednesday and Saturday came through with the lowest click-through rates (2.4%). Sunday and Tuesday had the lowest click-to-open rate (14.6%).

Marketers See Marginal Success through Email

Despite some of the troubles that can come with launching email marketing campaigns on certain days, previous research shows that most marketers have been at least “somewhat successful” with their efforts.

Ascend2 published the “Email Marketing Effectiveness Survey,” and the data suggested that most marketers (57%) have been at least “somewhat successful” in terms of achieving their top goals with their email marketing strategies. These objectives include boosting sales revenue (59%), increasing leads generated (49%) and improving email engagement (39%). Most respondents (53%) also said they believe their email marketing effectiveness is overall “increasing marginally.”

That being said, some of their top goals are also primary challenges. Improving email engagement (45%), boosting leads generated (43%) and increasing sales revenue (39%) were all named challenges by respondents.

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