Digital Marketing Budgets Increase as Information Consumption Evolves

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A new report titled, “Content Marketing Reimagined: How Brands Can Earn Attention in 2015,” shows that marketers continue to increase their digital budgets to keep up with the shift in media consumption patterns.

According to the data, about 60 percent of respondents said they are boosting their investment in email marketing, while 48 percent claimed they are doing the same for social media. Forty percent said they are increasing their mobile marketing budget. While these investments are taking place, 33 percent are decreasing spend on print advertising and another 22 percent are reducing direct mail spend.

The report found that the majority of adults use their smartphone about six days per week, making it the most-used piece of consumer technology. Further, as of January 2015, a majority of people spent at least one hour per day on social networks, according to Adweek. As the research shows, marketers are being driven in several different directions.

“The expansion of content and social channels makes it harder for marketers to focus narrowly on one approach to getting their message out,” wrote the authors of the report. “They need to be everywhere all the time, and their content needs to be better than all the content that surrounds it.”

Marketers Already Seeing the Benefits of Mobile

As more channels become available, research shows that marketers are looking to take advantage of every opportunity. The “State of B2B Marketing Report” published by Regalix earlier this year found that through mobile marketing, the majority of marketers (67 percent) want to increase brand awareness. Sixty-two percent want to boost customer engagement, while 48 percent want to increase sales and revenue.

Eighty-two percent of marketers say that increasing customer satisfaction has been the largest benefit associated with mobile marketing. Approximately 53 percent said they’ve been engaging in mobile marketing for between one and two years.

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Scott Stone — Scott Stone, Advertising & E-Business Manager, Cisco Eagle

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