Report: Marketers Need More Access to Customer Data to Improve Email Campaigns

Marketers continue to utilize email to reach out to their target audience, and new research indicates that leveraging customer data could help them personalize their campaigns for a boost in effectiveness.

Simon recently teamed up with ClickZ to conduct “The State of Email Marketing Survey Report,” and statistics showed that most marketers (46.2%) generally have only one personalized element in each of their marketing emails. Only 23.8% of respondents said they use three or more personalized elements per email.

Overall, the majority of respondents (58.1%) claimed that having better access to customer data would improve their ability to personalize email marketing campaigns.

“There is an abundance of choice out there when it comes to which [email service provider] to use; and the quality of the services they offer is just as diverse,” wrote the researchers behind the report. “As suggested from our research, the level of data integration ESPs are able to achieve is the most important factor for marketers to consider.”

Many Marketers Failing to Leverage Customer Data

The ability to personalize email marketing campaigns remains critical to marketers. However, previous research suggests that the ability to leverage customer data continues to be an issue.

Ascend2 published the “Data-Driven Marketing” report, and statistics indicated that marketers are finding customer data useful for both personalization (42%) and email marketing (38%). In fact, most respondents (36%) said that customer data is a driving factor in their marketing decision-making “most of the time.”

However, 54% of marketers indicated that they are still only “somewhat satisfied” with their team’s ability to make effective decisions through the use of customer data.

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