Email, Video, and Social Top Activities on Business Mobile Phones

wandera mobile business phone dataA new report released by Wandera, a mobile data company, revealed data pertaining to how corporate phones are used by professionals on a daily basis in the past quarter (Q1 2014). While email is the most popular app used, research found that most employees use their “work” phone for personal use as well. Video access and social networks account for just over 20% of cellular data used by employees collectively, with Facebook appearing on 81% of devices. The data came from Wandera’s global network, based in UK, Europe, North America and Asia.

Email and Documents

Email was used more than any other application on business devices, with an average of almost 70 minutes each day, often outside of working hours. Email also is the biggest chunk of data used, with 23% of all phone data being used to send and receive emails on business devices. In addition, cloud storage service Dropbox is 13 times more popular (a total of 13%) that its other big competitor, (1%). Google Drive came in at 4%. The heavy usage of cloud computing apps shows an increasing dependence on the cloud to access and edit data while on go with a mobile device.

Social Networking

When it comes to social networking, the line between work and leisure was blurred again. The study showed that Facebook was used 5 times more than LinkedIn on the tracked devices in the study– Facebook was installed in over 80% of business devices, versus 16% for LinkedIn. In addition, 10% of total data usage is spent on social network apps. When it comes to mobile, B2B marketers need to not only be aware of how their target audience uses their mobile devices, but also how their colleagues and employees do as well.

photo credit: Chris JL via photopin cc

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