Enterprise Marketers Cite Customer Experience as Top Priority for Mobile Apps

A recent report from Follow Analytics shows that 64 percent of marketing decision-makers across enterprise brands say the top priority of their mobile app is to improve the customer experience and foster customer loyalty. Many of these businesses are using a CRM platform to inform their mobile marketing and meet these goals.

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These findings indicate a shift in mobile app purpose from transactions and social sharing to customer experience, researchers note.

Fifty percent of respondents believe a mobile CRM helps them provide a seamless experience across multiple devices. According to researchers, “customers now expect 1:1, personalized interactions that are connected across devices and channels, meaning behavior and triggers in one place influences others.”

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However, marketers have come across challenges when using CRM data to inform mobile campaigns. Thirty-six percent cite high dependence on IT, 24 percent cite budget constraints, and 17 percent cite the requirement of complex coding as the main CRM integration issues.

Based on the findings, researchers suggest that brands trying to increase ROI from mobile apps should focus on long-term customer value, make mobile the center of an omni-channel strategy, and leverage technology that doesn’t require complex coding.

Marketing Shift Toward Customer Experience

A white paper recently released by Verint shows that today’s marketers are encouraged to focus on the customer experience, with an emphasis on answering questions and personalization.

Researchers found that customers prefer companies that offer superior customer experiences: 89 percent of the study’s respondents agree that good service makes them feel more positively about brands. In addition, 61 percent of those surveyed said they would tell family and friends about a customer experience that “goes the extra mile.”

According to a recent Adobe and Econsultancy study, customer experience, personalization and big data hold the most promise for B2B marketing over the next five years.

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