Facebook Holds Large Share of Social Logins on Third-Party Sites

According to a collection of data from Janrain’s “Social Login and Sharing Trends Report, Q1 2012,” Facebook holds the lion’s share of social logins on third-party websites. With social logins proven to positively impact sites that include the buttons for login purposes, this could be valuable information for marketers.

Research shows Facebook and Google+ are the two most commonly used sites for social logins; Facebook leads the way at 45 percent, followed by Google at 31 percent. There is an even wider margin for mobile devices, as 49 percent of mobile logins are Facebook users while Google trails behind at just 25 percent.

These social sharing buttons can help marketers drive increased traffic and registrations on websites with social login buttons, and can also provide valuable insight into customer data. The analysis shows Facebook provides the most data about a registrant; it reveals email, name, location, birth date, gender, friends/contacts, profile photo, interests, and social sharing information.

From the report, “Social login helps solve the challenge of how to collect more accurate data on your users without sacrificing registration conversion rates. Social login shortens the registration process to a single click and gives you instant access to rich demographic, psychographic and social graph data on your users. This social profile data can be leveraged for content personalization or product recommendations and more tailored segmentation and targeting. Social sharing lets your users broadcast content and activities from your site to their social networks, increasing brand advocacy and creating an effective source of qualified referral traffic to your site.”

If marketers can properly incorporate social login buttons on sites, the result may not only bring in more traffic and conversions, but it may also allow marketers to leverage critical customer information for future targeted marketing efforts.

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