Facebook Survey Reveals Marketers & Advertisers “Somewhat Satisfied” With Facebook Ad Performance


The results of a recent Ad Age survey shed light on the effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing channel. The survey asked a series of questions about Facebook analytics, support, and other Facebook services. 65% of marketers said they were “somewhat satisfied” with Facebook analytics tracking. Additionally, 42% believe that Facebook support for advertisers over the past 6 months “has somewhat improved,” which was slightly more than the 41% who believe it “stayed the same.” Overall, 45% of respondents characterized Facebook as an optional part of their overall marketing strategies.

The survey polled 1,200 Ad Age marketers/consultants who work for ad agencies and media companies. The most popular Facebook goal was building brand awareness, while selling products and generating leads were seen as unimportant.

After analyzing the survey, Margie Clayman writes, “The results from this study seem to indicate that small companies with small marketing budgets are to some extent using Facebook as a marketing channel. This survey raises more questions than answers regarding what advertisers on Facebook are gaining.”

The survey also asked questions about mobile app marketing and Facebook ROI. 41% of marketers answered that Facebook mobile marketing is “somewhat important.” Furthermore, 48% said their Facebook ROI stayed the same over the past 6-months, compared to 36% who believed it “somewhat improved.” The full results of the Ad Age survey can be found here.

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