Focus on Digital Adds Sales, Customers for B2B E-Commerce

Digitalization is leading to significant commercial success, according to a new survey of B2B marketers by Intershop.

In fact, survey data found that 44 percent of respondents are generating more total sales, and more sales per representative, with 40 percent leveraging digital B2B channels to convince customers to buy more items across more product categories.


The Intershop survey included 400 B2B decision-makers with responsibility for e-commerce, marketing, products, or strategy in the U.S. and much of Europe.

The data highlights the change that’s resulted from digital efforts: 40 percent of respondents claim that digitalization has “completely changed” their organization’s business model. An additional 48 percent say they’ve had to make at least some change.

Beyond sales, there are other business benefits to a more digital landscape. Nearly half (44 percent) of respondents indicate they are able to get new products to market faster, 46 say their sector is more global than before, and 43 percent are selling to customers who would not buy from them before.

The survey revealed more revenue is being generated from digital channels as well. Respondents reported 42 percent of their organization’s B2B revenue is now generated online. Three out of four respondents confirmed their organization has implemented a dedicated B2B e-commerce site.

“As digital becomes more fully integrated into their demand and supply chains, organizations are next looking to leverage game-changing digital technologies like IoT, big data and analytics,” the writers of the study stated.

Brands Face Issues with Flexibility & Scalability of E-Commerce Platforms

A March 2016 study by CloudCraze revealed companies are struggling with improving their e-commerce platforms. The study found three key challenges: flexibility (49 percent), scalability (45 percent) and getting a holistic view of the customer (40 percent).
Significant time and money is being spent on improving e-commerce platforms. Nearly a third of brands spend more than $2 million for their current e-commerce platform and 42 percent spent more than a year on implementation.

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