G2 “Grid” to Offer B2B Marketers Real Time CRM and Marketing Automation Vendor Ranks

CRM for Large Enterprise Software Product ListThe impending launch of G2 Crowd’s “Grid” for CRM and marketing automation will provide B2B marketers real-time vendor analysis and rankings through social signals and customer reviews which could simplify the vendor selection process.

The service, available June 1 will leverage real-time algorithms and big data to place vendors into quadrants such as “Leaders,” “Innovators,” and “Challengers.” In a recent TechCrunch article, Alex Williams says the Grid “feeds peer reviews, web traffic, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media data into an algorithm to determine how companies are perceived.”

The TechCrunch article also explains due to the amount of research required, current analyst rankings such as Gartner often have to limit the number of companies in the market that are reviewed. G2 Crowd’s reviewers determine what companies get reviewed, helping customers get a picture of the full market.

The main weight of these rankings will rely heavily on these customer reviews, who have unique insight into vendor software. The platform, currently free to explore, will be collecting data through May 30, which will determine the final grid rankings before the release. Reviews so far put Salesforce.com and Microsfot Dynamics in the lead for the CRM market. Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot represent the top marketing automation companies.

Godard Abel, cofounder and CEO of G2 Crowd, says, “The new G2 Crowd rating system is a radical departure from typical software review services. Traditionally, ratings were based on only one analyst’s opinion. Our Grids leverage more than 15,000 user ratings and reviews already shared by our community since our beta launch in February. We are finding a pent-up demand for a single source of truth on enterprise software.”

This new system could simplify the vendor selection process, offering decision makers the ability to view vendor rankings in real-time through customer reviews and social signals.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.g2crowd.com

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