Global B2B Tech Buyers Becoming More Reliant on Content and Media

According to TechTarget’s “Content essentials for technology buying teams worldwide” research report, B2B technology buyers are becoming more reliant on a range of content and media options in order to perform their own comparisons between vendors.

The data shows these buyers have become more independent, no longer relying on engaging technology vendors directly to gain a thorough understanding of their products. According to the results, Global buying teams are relying on content (white papers, case studies, and online videos) to create vendor short lists, as 65% of buyers download at least 4–7 pieces of content before beginning to formulate vendor shortlists. The content being consumed is likely leading to shortened decision-making terms, as 70% of B2B technology decisions are now made in 6 months or less.

Additionally, the results show 61% of today’s technology buying teams include five or more people, with 50% of these teams comprised of members in geographically dispersed areas. Peter Ross, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at TechTarget, said in a company press release, “Global technology buying is becoming truly borderless and marketing budgets and strategies must reflect this changing dynamic.  This study reveals how the demands of technology buyers from all regions are dictating companies’ content marketing and sales strategies globally.”

As B2B technology buying teams continue to expand in numbers and geographical location, content is coming to the forefront of the research process. These teams are downloading multiple pieces of content from companies in order to perform vendor comparisons prior to making a shortlist of potential solutions.

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