Google AdWords Account Labels Simplify Organization for Marketers

According to an announcement on the Google AdWords Blog at the end of April 2012, Google has implemented a new AdWords account labels feature. This feature gives Adwords users the ability to organize keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns across the account into customized groupings to easily filter and report on data.

Google used a hypothetical situation to help explain the advantages of this newest update. From the announcement, “Now [AdWords user, ‘Bob’] can create the label ‘sneakers’ and apply it to all sneaker-related keywords across his account. He can then filter by this label on the keywords tab to only see sneaker keywords, or he can run a keyword labels report to aggregate performance by label. These reports allow him to then compare—for example—how sneakers perform against all other shoes, or other labeled groups. Labels can be used to organize your campaign elements in any way you choose. Report on brand keyword performance versus all other non-branded keyword performance. Measure how ads that mention ‘free trial’ perform versus ads that mention ‘free demo.’ Or simply label your favorite keywords so you can quickly review them every morning.”

Many marketers are thrilled about the latest update to the AdWords platform, including an author from this WebProNews post. “There’s so much that you can do with these labels and they can really bring a lot of utility to your marketing efforts. Remember, the easier you make it to find out specifications and details about your products or services, the more likely consumers are to choose you over your competitors. Explore the options with this new capability and integrate it into what you’re already doing.”

This new AdWords feature will allow marketers to easily consolidate information across their accounts, maximizing efficiency and focusing on making products more visible for consumers searching on the Google platform.

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